Youth and Children’s Ministry

Sunday school and childcare available, inter-church youth group events, and more.


Community Meal Program

(Free) monthly dinner for any and all; “no sermon, just good food!” 6pm-7pm in the Fellowship Hall on the last Wednesday of each month.

workinMen’s Fellowship Breakfasts

8AM on every second Saturday of the month.

Dining Fundraisers

At various restaurants in Elk Grove.

orchestraHosting the Youth Orchestra 

(as well as providing space for the Glee Club, Garden Club, and more)


EGCC-UCC is a “5 for 5 Church,” which means that we contribute to each of the four special offerings each year and we make our annual contribution to the work of the denomination.  Here’s a list of the offerings and what they do in God’s world:

ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING: The UCC works with international partners to provide sources of clean water and food, education and health care, small business micro-credit, emergency relief, and advocacy and resettlement for refugees and displaced persons. OGHS also supports domestic and international ministries for disaster preparedness and response. (March)

STRENGTHEN THE CHURCH: As God calls our congregation to be “church” in new ways, our gift will plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches, and develop spiritual life in our youth and young adults. Because of this offering, many more will hear the good news that “God is still speaking.” Strengthen the Church is directed to your church’s Conference, Local Church Ministries and The Stillspeaking Ministry for these purposes. (Near Pentecost, May-June)

NEIGHBORS IN NEED: Through the Neighbors in Need offering, the church expresses a common commitment to justice and compassion throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. One-third of the offering undergirds the work of the Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM), including much-needed financial support for 20 American Indian congregations in the UCC. Two-thirds of the offering supports justice advocacy and direct service projects such as just-peace programs and community grants. (October)

THE CHRISTMAS FUND: Your gift to the Christmas Fund assist pastors who serve extremely low-income congregations, and also provide for the Supplementation of Small Annuities, Supplementation of Health Premiums, Emergency Grants, and provide Christmas “Thank You” Gift Checks next December to low-income retirees. (December)

OUR CHURCH’S WIDER MISSION (OCWM): OCWM funds the work we do in the Conferences and in the national and global church. OCWM funds are invested in programs, resources, and tools needed to keep local UCC churches strong, effective, and growing.  (Amount determined by the budget of each congregation)

in addition to these, the church supports Hiefer International and the Elk Grove Food Bank

Heifer envisions…
A world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.
Heifer’s mission is…
To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.
Heifer’s strategy is…
To “pass on the gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

We gather food and clothing on an ongoing basis for this worthy local cause.
As a dedicated non-profit, our mission is to develop, mobilize, and provide community resources to our neighbors, promote independence and preserve dignity in the fight against the many faces of hunger and human need.